First pass at character cards…

There is a ways further to go but this is the first shot at the character cards in the game. Each of the 9 crew members will have one. Remember think 1970’s board game.

John Johnson


The Robot

The robot took a little more than a day of solid work. It consists mainly of 2 plastic containers, some bendable tubing, and two flat tap lights for eyes. The hands are just some large electric plugs I found at a recycle store. The mouth is a frosted plastic cassete case with some glowing bracelets inside it. A lot of small things went into the robot but I won’t get into the details. The first post on this blog really shows it coming together. The pawn I used in testing was based off of the Gonk Droid from Star Wars.



Doctor John Johnson

Today is probably the simplest of the costumes I put together. There are medical patches on the suit but the lab coat covers them up. In hindsight I should have put them on the coat and not the suit. The clip board is a piece of plexiglass with tape around the edges and the pen he’s using (that you can’t really see) is a metal stylus I found on the street in San Francisco. Other than that most of what makes this character is how solid John Johnson was at playing out the role of the doctor. Needless to say he nailed it. The pawn used in testing was based off of a doctor from the original Star Trek series.




Ambassador Aldren

The outfit you see below was mostly thrift store finds. The jewelry was borrowed from my mom. In the end it was still missing something and so I bought a light yellow plastic table cloth at the dollar store and quickly made a sleeveless coat the day before the photo shoot. This character probably has the most 70’s looking costume out of everyone. The first picture is the original pawn I used for testing and then the pictures below are Eso with and without film grain and high contrast.



Photo shoot complete!

For the next 9 days I will releasing the initial photo work for the 9 characters in Space Madness. This was all made possible by the the people who were willing to play the various characters and Julian Cash who did the amazing photos in his studio. Huge overflowing thanks to everyone! The goal was to make each character look like they are from a movie still made in 1979. Originally I had assumed that I would make all the art look like it was from an 8-bit video game but then later changed my mind. The 8-bit look followed the game through the testing phase and the pawns that I used will be included with each characters photos. These pawns are mostly based on Star Trek characters done by cartoonist and artist John Maltz. I had planned to make my own after the testing was finished but nixed that when I decided on the current theme.