Kickstarter Project Image

Here is what I’m planning to use for the Kickstarter project. This will be prominently displayed at the top of the page. I would love to know what you  think about it. Also, what are peoples feelings in regards to the font?  Any feedback is appreciated!



This is another option:



Question About Character Cards

I have another question for everyone. When you play the game character cards sit at the top of the board. As you work with those “people” you learn more about their annoying traits. These traits get laid out below the character cards. In the below example Pilot Pond was randomly dealt lazy, self-centered, and irrational. My question is does it look too weird to have the character card be portrait style? Which looks better to you? Again, thanks!


The Poster!

One of these, or a version of one, will be the movie poster. It will be on the front of the box the game will come in. I have a question for anyone who looks at these. What works for you and what doesn’t. Any feedback is useful and you can leave it on this blog or the facebook post. Remember it’s supposed to look like a cheesy sci-fi horror movie from the 1970s. Thanks!

posterfinal3 posterfinal4

posterfinal1 posterfinal2