Dwarves in space.

This is Jackie playing the the dwarf. She had a couple of fantastic poses which made it really hard to choose which one to use for the pawn. I made the shoulder guard, I hand sewed the leather pants (which sadly are hard to see in this photo), and the leather arm guards.  The long coat and belt were things jackie had. The helmet came from when I used to work at a party/costume store. The first picture is the pawn used in testing, which is based off of Gimli from Lord of the Rings.




One thought on “Dwarves in space.

  1. Jackie says: That is an awesome little dwarf. I like your choice of pose. I like the dwarf shortening, and I think it’s a good balance. FYI my dwarvish body is yours to bloat, don’t worry about my tender feelings. I think the color saturation is right on, but you could adjust for the face/hands/helmet – not globally but locally, just to get detail back in those areas, just my opinion, I love what you’ve done!

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