Sub-ensign Hammer

Originally most of the play test characters were based off of Redshirts. For those of you who do not know, in the original Star Trek lower ranking crew wearing red shirts were regularly killed in episodes to prove the situation was serious. I feel like the character of Guy in the movie Galaxy Quest did an amazing job of parodying this doomed Star Trek archetype. So really, Sub-ensign Hammer is based off of Guy who is a reference to Redshirts. The main problem I had with this photo was that my skin tone was so light. It made applying any contrast problematic. This was true to a lesser extent with Tessa’s character. Anyways, there is still some photoshop work that needs to be done but for the most part here I am as this games version of Guy.




One thought on “Sub-ensign Hammer

  1. Yeah, I even thought of Guy when I saw this character (he is one of my favorite characters in Galaxy Quest). Love it.

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