The Poster!

One of these, or a version of one, will be the movie poster. It will be on the front of the box the game will come in. I have a question for anyone who looks at these. What works for you and what doesn’t. Any feedback is useful and you can leave it on this blog or the facebook post. Remember it’s supposed to look like a cheesy sci-fi horror movie from the 1970s. Thanks!

posterfinal3 posterfinal4

posterfinal1 posterfinal2


2 thoughts on “The Poster!

  1. Second one down works best in my opinion. Placement of elements brings to mind explosions, the vastness of space, and the chaos — or madness — that could ensue on such a journey.

  2. I vote for number 4 with more planets and stars around the people and the blue glow from the thrusters that you have in the second poster…….or maybe make it a green/white glow? And I like the third one, too. Actually, I like them all, but that’s not much help (design layout isn’t my strongest suit).

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