The Story Of Space Madness

The Space Madness television show ran on KBEX-TV from 1970 to 1972. Its first episode set up the story of the UHF Orpheus, a corvette class ship, and its skeleton crew as they attempted to survive after the invasion of the United Home Front by a terrifying race of aliens known as the Targons. With humanity enslaved, the UHF Orpheus and her crew fought to survive and to find some hope of rescuing the planet Earth. The original crew consisted of Lieutenant Mojo, Ambassador Aldren, Pilot Moxy Goodwhistle, Doctor John Johnson, Sub-ensign Hammer and a repair-bot. Soon after, the stowaway entered the show, followed by the dwarf and the velociraptor from the classic time traveling episode. Despite many tough situations, major differences, and a number of attempted murders, the crew survived for two full seasons. The last episode of the show ended with the ship leading the Targon Armada through a black hole, saving Earth at the cost of their own lives.

In the straight-to-VHS 1979 classic, Space Madness: The Movie, the crew of the UHF Orpheus has survived their fateful journey through the black hole, but has found themselves in a distant galaxy with no hope of returning home. To make matters worse, the remnants of the Targon Armada are hot on their tail. They come across a derelict UHF ship thought to be the lost ship Octavius. According to the Lieutenant, the ship had been equipped with an experimental drive system that allowed the ship to travel through other dimensions to cover unthinkable distances. Finding the ship gives the crew hope that if they can repair it, they might be able to return home. Unfortunately for them, the Octavius has picked up a multitude of bizarre and frightening passengers on its journey through unseen dimensions, and the crew members find themselves completely unprepared for the menagerie of trials they will have to face if they want to have the ship fully operational. To make matters worse, trying times and the dark vastness of space have worn down even the most resilient crew members, and many of them find themselves on the edge of SPACE MADNESS! Will the crew repair the Octavius and return to Earth? Or will someone snap and go on a murderous rampage?

You decide the outcome in Space Madness The Board Game!


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