Space Madness is available to buy or download!

Well the time has finally arrived. There were some setbacks and minor rules changes to make the game go up to 6 players but it’s done! Also, Eso Aldren did the layout and editing for the instruction manual and it looks fantastic. You now have two options, you can go to and download a full print to play version of the game or if you don’t want to spend 2-3 hours cutting out cards you can buy it from which is a print on demand board game service. has some random card generators and if people have ideas they want to see on there just message me.

I want to say thanks to everyone but especially Anne and Dale Easley(my parents), Eso Aldren, Tessa Brunton, Eli and Deborah Calabresse,  John Johnson,  Jackie Cash, Julian Cash, Alapai Michels, Nick Duguid, Ali Crockett-Moore, Jonathan Moore, Sam Brown, and Chris Ory.

The Game Crafter Board Game Version:

The Game Crafter Card Game Version:

The Website:


Update and Radio Appearance

I will be on Universal Grapevine KZSC 88.1 fm tonight from 7:30-8 p.m talking about Space Madness and other crazy stuff. I’ll be doing my best to not be super awkward.  If you don’t live near Santa Cruz you can always listen in on the interview here:

Also, 95% of all the layouts for Space Madness are done. I will be sending them off to The Game Crafter this Wednesday and will be getting a copy to proof in September. As soon as that is all done I’ll be making the game available both as a free download and as print on demand from The Game Crafter website.

Getting a Copy of Space Madness in September

I’ve decided that peoples choices will be to download, print, and cut out their own copy of Space Madness or order it through The Game Crafter. The Game Crafter will send a fully prepared copy of the game to you for roughly the same amount I charged through the Kickstarter. There will be a website in mid-September that has links and information on how to order or print out the game along with other treats.

Also, the newspaper from from my home town just ran an article on Space Madness.

Space Madness in September!

The Kickstarter may be ending tomorrow morning but it is definitely not the end of Space Madness. In fact, it’s just the beginning. I will be releasing the game under a Creative Commons license in September along with the ability to print it out through an online service. The price to print it will be a bit different but it will still be the same game. The goal was never to make money off of this project, but instead to hopefully have people play and enjoy the game as much as possible. This is in line with my philosophy for starting the Cardboard Tube Fighting League; I just want more people playing.

Running a Kickstarter project is time consuming and sadly I did not have the time I really needed to put into raising the lofty $18,000 goal. That said, some amazing things happened. The game was on Laughing Squid, mentioned on various blogs on the internet, and spread via word of mouth at an impressive rate. The project has been a success by creating a significant amount of support and interest in the game. My only hope for the future is that people will try Space Madness and if they enjoy it, spread the word along to their friends and family. Thank you immensely for the support and excitement over this game!

I’ll poke you all in September when you can get a printed copy of Space Madness!

Space Madness Print and Play Version!

The Kickstarter has completely stalled. It looks very unlikely that the project will succeed unless it can pick up momentum again. To help this I’m doing two things. First I’m adding a link below, and to the Kickstarter page, to a version of the game that you can print out at home. It has no board, and only a portion of the art, and the cards have color words on them instead of actually being colored, but it”s fully playable!  Secondly, I will be offering a new 10 dollar reward level. This reward will be a color, full art, print and play version of Space Madness with no board. You just need a six sided dice and some time to cut out the cards and you’ll be ready to go. There is a link to the print and play version of Space Madness along with the rules on the kickstarter page:

Thanks again to everyone who has supported the project. The best way anyone can help at this point is just getting the word out there.


Game Nights!

Starting today I’ll be at various public board game nights around the bay area over the next month. Tonight I will be at It’s Your Move in Oakland from 7pm to about 10. Come check out  Space Madness if you are in the area.

It’s Your Move Games and Hobbies
4920 Telegraph Ave Oakland, CA 94609


Future Game Nights

Monday– Gamescape San Francisco from 7-10
333 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA

Tuesday– Games of Berkeley 5-9
2151 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA ‎

Getting The Word Out There

What a phenomenal first and second day! It has been touching on a level that’s hard to describe experiencing all of the support from friends and family. The difficult thing I was forced to realize as I went through the backers was that only about 10% of the people who bought a game the first day were people I didn’t know. The second day this dropped to about 1%. Essentially I’m quickly running out of people I know who are willing to support the project and the momentum is not carrying over to the rest of the world. I’ve been sending out press releases, contacting blogs, badgering podcasts, etc. but have not had any responses at this time. The harsh reality is, that unless I can really get the word out, the project will eventually stall and not get it’s required minmum of roughly 14 backers a day. So I’m redoubling my efforts! I’m going to also be going to various game stores and putting up the posters pictured below. It’s time to really convince the world it needs a little Space Madness in its life.