Space Madness in September!

The Kickstarter may be ending tomorrow morning but it is definitely not the end of Space Madness. In fact, it’s just the beginning. I will be releasing the game under a Creative Commons license in September along with the ability to print it out through an online service. The price to print it will be a bit different but it will still be the same game. The goal was never to make money off of this project, but instead to hopefully have people play and enjoy the game as much as possible. This is in line with my philosophy for starting the Cardboard Tube Fighting League; I just want more people playing.

Running a Kickstarter project is time consuming and sadly I did not have the time I really needed to put into raising the lofty $18,000 goal. That said, some amazing things happened. The game was on Laughing Squid, mentioned on various blogs on the internet, and spread via word of mouth at an impressive rate. The project has been a success by creating a significant amount of support and interest in the game. My only hope for the future is that people will try Space Madness and if they enjoy it, spread the word along to their friends and family. Thank you immensely for the support and excitement over this game!

I’ll poke you all in September when you can get a printed copy of Space Madness!