Space Madness Print and Play Version!

The Kickstarter has completely stalled. It looks very unlikely that the project will succeed unless it can pick up momentum again. To help this I’m doing two things. First I’m adding a link below, and to the Kickstarter page, to a version of the game that you can print out at home. It has no board, and only a portion of the art, and the cards have color words on them instead of actually being colored, but it”s fully playable!  Secondly, I will be offering a new 10 dollar reward level. This reward will be a color, full art, print and play version of Space Madness with no board. You just need a six sided dice and some time to cut out the cards and you’ll be ready to go. There is a link to the print and play version of Space Madness along with the rules on the kickstarter page:

Thanks again to everyone who has supported the project. The best way anyone can help at this point is just getting the word out there.