Space Madness is available to buy or download!

Well the time has finally arrived. There were some setbacks and minor rules changes to make the game go up to 6 players but it’s done! Also, Eso Aldren did the layout and editing for the instruction manual and it looks fantastic. You now have two options, you can go to and download a full print to play version of the game or if you don’t want to spend 2-3 hours cutting out cards you can buy it from which is a print on demand board game service. has some random card generators and if people have ideas they want to see on there just message me.

I want to say thanks to everyone but especially Anne and Dale Easley(my parents), Eso Aldren, Tessa Brunton, Eli and Deborah Calabresse,  John Johnson,  Jackie Cash, Julian Cash, Alapai Michels, Nick Duguid, Ali Crockett-Moore, Jonathan Moore, Sam Brown, and Chris Ory.

The Game Crafter Board Game Version:

The Game Crafter Card Game Version:

The Website:


Update and Radio Appearance

I will be on Universal Grapevine KZSC 88.1 fm tonight from 7:30-8 p.m talking about Space Madness and other crazy stuff. I’ll be doing my best to not be super awkward.  If you don’t live near Santa Cruz you can always listen in on the interview here:

Also, 95% of all the layouts for Space Madness are done. I will be sending them off to The Game Crafter this Wednesday and will be getting a copy to proof in September. As soon as that is all done I’ll be making the game available both as a free download and as print on demand from The Game Crafter website.

Photo shoot complete!

For the next 9 days I will releasing the initial photo work for the 9 characters in Space Madness. This was all made possible by the the people who were willing to play the various characters and Julian Cash who did the amazing photos in his studio. Huge overflowing thanks to everyone! The goal was to make each character look like they are from a movie still made in 1979. Originally I had assumed that I would make all the art look like it was from an 8-bit video game but then later changed my mind. The 8-bit look followed the game through the testing phase and the pawns that I used will be included with each characters photos. These pawns are mostly based on Star Trek characters done by cartoonist and artist John Maltz. I had planned to make my own after the testing was finished but nixed that when I decided on the current theme.